The Samsung Galaxy S9 Display is Almost Perfect According to DisplayMate

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Display is Almost Perfect According to DisplayMate

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Samsung has officially launched their latest flagships, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ (hands-on). Like clockwork, DisplayMate has published their review of the displays. There are some websites out there that review as many devices as they can get their hands on, and then there are some that have chosen to keep their selection quite limited. DisplayMate’s mobile reviews focus on the best Samsung and Apple have to offer and their new review of the Galaxy S9’s screen says it’s virtually indistinguishable from perfect.

We’ve covered a number of DisplayMate’s reviews for Samsung flagships and each time they’ve had great things to say about the displays. Samsung gets a lot of flack from the enthusiast Android community for a variety of reasons, but it’s incredibly difficult to find faults in their displays. The company is great at listening to feedback in this regard. They were quick to add different display modes when people complained about their stock calibration being too saturated.

Some will say the screen looks the same as their other flagships. However, DisplayMate’s review shows there have been major display performance improvements when compared to the Galaxy S8. They believe that OLED is now a highly refined and mature display technology. This has allowed Samsung to focus on enhancing and optimizing the picture quality and color accuracy of the Galaxy S9. It has also allowed them to implement precision factory display calibration which has resulted in a display that is virtually indistinguishable from perfect.

DisplayMate’s review of the Galaxy S9 screen says Samsung has been able to bring the level of quality to outstanding levels. Their tests show the new flagship has been able to set many new display performance records, including Absolute Color Accuracy and the smallest shifts in brightness and color with viewing angles (including White). The display of the Galaxy S9 is up to 20% brighter than the Galaxy S8, it’s certified by the UHD Alliance for Mobile HDR Premium, and has earned DisplayMate’s highest A+ grade.

Their in-depth review also dives into some of the phone’s new features, such as user-adjustable white point (with color balance slider controls), vision accessibility display modes to help those with vision impairments, and its luminance independence with varying picture content. We have some of their graphs embedded below, but potential customers (and display enthusiasts) will definitely want to read through this massive review from DisplayMate.

Source: DisplayMate