Samsung may soon launch a cheaper version of its Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung may soon launch a cheaper version of its Galaxy Tab S7

Android tablets typically fall far behind Apple’s iPad line. But if there’s one OEM that manages to be competitive, it’s Samsung. The company last year produced the fantastic Galaxy Tab S7, and a new rumor suggests we’re about to see the launch of a more affordable version.

Reputable leaker WalkingCat published what appears to be marketing material for the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite. There isn’t a ton of information to go with the image, but we do learn a few important bits. Namely, the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite will feature a 12.4-inch display and 5G connectivity. The device will also allegedly support Samsung’s Galaxy Continuity feature, which lets users receive phone calls and messages from a compatible Galaxy phone.


When the Galaxy Tab S7 launched last year, we had nothing but praise for the tablet. In fact, XDA’s Nirave Gondhia thought the device was so good that he sold his iPad Pro. Very few tablets can match the high quality of Apple’s iPad line, so choosing the Tab S7 over an iPad Pro is high praise.

It’s unlikely the rumored Tab S7 Lite will be as powerful as the Tab S7. We can probably expect watered-down specs, and differences in build quality. But it should come at a more affordable price, and you get the larger 12.4-inch display to match that of the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. That device also featured a 10,090mAh battery and up to 8GB RAM.

The Galaxy Tab S7 launched for $649. We’re not sure how much the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite will retail for when it launches, but hopefully, it’ll be in the $499 range (or even cheaper). According to the image shared by WalkingCat, the new tablet will be available in June of this year, alongside the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, which is said to feature an 8.7-inch display and a slim metal design.

Featured image: Galaxy Tab S7

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