Does the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series have 5G?

Does the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series have 5G?

Samsung’s latest and greatest tablets have arrived in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series. If you’re considering picking up one of them, you’ll undoubtedly have a few questions that need answering before you can justify your purchase. One question that you might have is if the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has 5G… and the answer is, yes but also no. It’s complicated, so let us explain.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series has 5G… sort of

It’s a complicated situation, but it can be summarised by the following:

  • Some regions may not receive any cellular variants and thus be sticking to WiFi-only versions, or receive cellular variants of some of the tablets and not across the lineup. For example, the United States gets a cellular 5G option for the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, but no cellular options for the base model or the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
  • Some regions may get both a cellular variant and a WiFi-only variant.
    • However, this is further divided into either 5G support or LTE support. If your region does not have a widespread 5G rollout, you are likely to get an LTE option.

It’s weird that Samsung isn’t even selling an LTE version of any of these tablets in the United States. If you want the most premium tablet experience in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, then you’ll need to forego cellular support in general — not just 5G only. If you value cellular connectivity that much in a tablet, then your only option in the United States is to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus. It certainly would have been nice to see LTE connectivity options on the Galaxy Tab S8 as that would have added some more practicality to the device.

    This is the base Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, with all of the power and none of the additional bells whistles.

    This is the upgraded Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, and its main upgrade is the bigger and better screen.

    This is the best tablet of the bunch. It still doesn't have 5G in the U.S., though.

If you’re curious as to whether or not it’s worth getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series, you should check out our hands-on to get to grips with our initial impressions of the tablet. If you decide it’s for you, then we have a list of the best deals on Samsung’s latest tablets that you should also check out.

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