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What colors does the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series come in?

What colors does the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series come in?

Along with the Galaxy S22 series of smartphones, Samsung has also announced its latest flagship tablet lineup — the Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Over the years, Apple’s iPad has maintained its dominance in the flagship tablets category. If there’s one brand that has been competing with Apple in this space, it’s Samsung. The flagship ‘S’ series of tablets has always stood for a premium experience right from performance to display. The Galaxy Tab S8 series is no different.

If you’re looking for a productivity tablet that also provides a great media experience, you can check out the best Galaxy Tab S8 deals and pick one up for yourself. If you’ve decided to buy one and are confused as to which color you should get, here are all the available color options for you to take a look at and decide!


Galaxy Tab S8 colors

Generally, the color you pick should be based on your personal preference as looks are subjective. Some may prefer a bright color that stands out while some may want a stealthy look. Either way, the point of this article is to list out all the available colors and help you differentiate between them. You can pick the color that suits you the best. Unlike what we see from Apple, the tablets from Samsung don’t have a ton of color options, especially if you count out the “safe” colors like Black and White out, as there is just the Pink Gold color. If you have your eyes set on the top variant of the tablet, you don’t even get a choice really.

Colors for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

The standard Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus are available in three different color options that cater to a wide audience. If you’re someone who isn’t too bothered about the color on your tablet and use a case instead, you can check out the best Galaxy Tab S8 cases or the best Galaxy Tab S8 Plus cases if you opted to go with the larger variant.


    This is the most basic colorway that you can find. It's similar to the space gray Apple uses on its iPad and is a safe option for those who don't want something too fancy.


    This is another safe color options for those who don't like experimenting too much or for those who want a professional look when carrying the tablet around. Looks nice and sober.

    Pink Gold

    If you're someone who does not like the usual set of colors, this one's for you. It adds an element of fun to the tablet and while it may not look as subtle as the graphite or silver, it looks rather elegant.

If you’re going to be using your tablet in an office setting most of the time, you’ll probably prefer the graphite or silver variant since it blends in well with all environments. The Pink Gold also looks great but is certainly a more fun option and is inclined towards people who want a tablet mainly for entertainment.

Colors for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Unlike the standard and Plus variants of the Galaxy Tab S8, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is only available in a single color option. This is probably due to the fact that Samsung is aware of the color choices made by consumers to whom the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is targeted. That way, it makes sense to have a single SKU that’s the most popular one. This shouldn’t matter too much though since you can always get a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra case to protect your tablet while also giving it a fresh new look.

    Graphite is a basic colorway that's similar tot he space gray used by Apple on its iPad. This isn't necessarily a bad thing since the graphite color is stealthy and sober and can easily fit into all environments and blend in.

These are all the colors in which you can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series of devices. If you’re getting the standard Galaxy Tab S8 or Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, you have an option to pick between three colors which you can decide based on whichever color you liked and where you will be using the tablet primarily. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is available only in a single color so you don’t have an option there, apart from using a case, of course.

Which is your favorite Galaxy Tab S8 series color this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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