A successor to the 18-inch Samsung Galaxy View may come to AT&T

A successor to the 18-inch Samsung Galaxy View may come to AT&T

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Android tablets might not be a big deal anymore, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t big. Three years ago, Samsung demonstrated this with the gigantic 18.4-inch Galaxy View tablet. It weighed 6 pounds and cost $600, but it filled a very niche void. It even had a built-in handle. According to a new report, the behemoth is making a comeback.

The Samsung Galaxy View 2 is said to be slightly more compact than the original. The display will only be 17.5-inches, but still 1080p. It will feature a built-in hinge, which is basically a must for a device of this size. Inside the device will be an Exynos processor and 3GB of RAM, so don’t expect this to replace your PC. It will use USB Type-C for charging and it will have a microSD card slot. Interestingly, the report says the device does not support Samsung DeX mode. The Galaxy View 2 will run Android Oreo and it will be available from AT&T.

Like the original Galaxy View, this is not really a “portable” tablet. Yes, you can move it from room to room, but you’re not going to pack it in a bag. This is a countertop tablet. It’s meant to be displayed in your kitchen or a common room. We’re not sure how popular the original was, but it couldn’t have been very hot if it took 3 years for a successor. The partnership with AT&T likely means we’ll see this advertised as a portable DirecTV device. Pricing and availability were not mentioned in the report.

Source: Android Police