Can the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series monitor blood sugar?

Can the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series monitor blood sugar?

A smartwatch can be really helpful when it comes to tracking your health, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is packed full of helpful health monitoring tools. You can keep track of your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, sleep, and more. However, one feature that has eluded the company’s watches has been a blood sugar monitor. Just like its predecessors, neither the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 nor the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can monitor blood sugar levels, as there is no optical glucose sensor present in either device.

According to the CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation, roughly 37 million Americans have diabetes, so introducing a noninvasive way to monitor blood glucose would be a game-changer. Before now, companies have failed to properly monitor blood glucose outside of traditional methods, because it’s difficult to accurately test blood sugar without breaking the skin. This feature would use a process called Raman spectroscopy to identify blood glucose through the skin, reducing the personal inconvenience of needing to break the skin to measure blood sugar.


Obviously, a smartwatch isn’t a replacement for legitimate medical tools or advice, but it can be good for getting a picture of a specific aspect of your health. For example, if your smartwatch says your blood pressure is high, then it might be worth considering speaking to a medical professional. They’re essentially very basic health screening tools at their best, and should never be used as a substitute for actual medical advice or real health screenings.

    The Galaxy Watch 5 is a fantastic Wear OS smartwatch with advanced wellness features.
    The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is aimed at fitness enthusiasts and offers a more durable design.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch with a litany of health tracking features, then you still can’t go wrong with either device in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series. They may not have blood sugar level tracking, but they have pretty much everything else you could ever want in there. It’s almost certainly an avenue the company is exploring though, and who knows, maybe it’ll pop up in a future smartwatch.

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