Can the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series track your sleep?

Can the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series track your sleep?

The Galaxy Watch 5 is finally here, and while it doesn’t represent a massive leap forward over the Galaxy Watch 4 lineup, it offers several improvements that add up to a cohesive experience. It’s more durable than ever, packs a bigger battery, and brings new wellness tools. And just like its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 5 also lets you monitor your sleep when you wear it to bed. Not only that, but it can also provide insight into your sleep quality and help you sleep better.

The Galaxy Watch 5 series offers advanced sleep monitoring

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro both offer advanced sleep monitoring, complete with a detailed analysis of your sleep activity. These include how much time you spent in various sleep stages, when you were awake, how much you slept, time spent snoring, and more. You can check these data right on your smartwatch or in the Samsung Health app. Unlike older Samsung watches such as the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Watch 3, which required users to manually activate the sleep tracking feature, the Galaxy Watch 5 can automatically detect when you fall asleep and start recording sleep activity. It also gives you a sleep score that’s calculated based on factors like your total sleep time, sleep cycles, movements and awakenings during sleep, REM sleep, and so on.


Sleep data in the Samsung Health app

Snoring Detection

In addition, the Galaxy Watch 5 can also detect snoring activity and monitor your blood oxygen level during sleep. On the Galaxy Watch 4, the snoring detection feature uses your smartphone’s microphone to listen to snoring sounds. But with the Galaxy Watch 5 series, you don’t need to have your smartphone around — the watch can do it all by itself. You can also turn on audio recording, with the option to automatically delete audio clips after 7, 31, or 100 days.

Snoring detection settings in Samsung Health app

    The Galaxy Watch 5 offers advanced sleep tracking complete with sleep coaching and snoring detection.

Sleep Coaching

The Galaxy Watch 5 series also offers sleep coaching to help you sleep better. Sleep coaching can be activated from the Samsung Health app. The feature analyzes your sleep patterns for a week and then builds you a personalized 4-week sleep coaching plan, providing useful tips and guidance for improving sleep habits.

    The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro offers the largest battery in a Galaxy Watch and advanced sleep tracking.

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are Samsung’s best smartwatches yet. Both run Wear OS 3.5 out of the box with Samsung’s One UI Watch on top. They were launched alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, complementing them very well.

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