[Update 4: FCC Photos] Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 pictures show no rotating bezel

[Update 4: FCC Photos] Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 pictures show no rotating bezel

Update 4 (7/29/19 @ 10:55 AM ET): The Galaxy Watch Active 2 passed through the FCC and left a few photos for us to see.

Update 3 (7/23/19 @ 11:10 AM ET): A new report claims the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will have a “Touch Bezel” and Bluetooth 5.0.

Update 2 (7/16/19 @ 10:30 AM ET): A new report reveals more details and claims there will be a 3rd model of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 with Under Armour branding.

Update 1 (7/11/19 @ 2:22 PM ET): The first press render of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has surfaced.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active was released earlier this year along with the Galaxy S10 family. This device marked a pretty big design shift for Samsung’s watches. Gone was the chunky, industrial aesthetic and the fan-favorite rotating bezel. Instead, Samsung went for a much sleeker and slimmed down design. New leaks reveal that the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is headed in the same direction.


The folks over at SamMobile got their hands on some photos of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. We can see that it has a very similar look to the original Watch Active. Once again, the rotating bezel is nowhere in sight. The home/power button is round and the back button is rectangular. There is also a red circle around the power button, which could be an Apple-like indicator of LTE connectivity.

In terms of specs, the Watch Active 2 is said to have two models: LTE and WiFi. The LTE model will have a 340 mAh battery while the WiFi version has 237 mAh. There will also be two different sizes: 40mm and 44mm. The watch will be running Samsung’s latest version of One UI as well.

The original Galaxy Watch Active is not very old, so it could be a while before we see this new watch. The real-life photos indicate that it’s nearly ready for prime time, though. We’ll wait and see if Samsung decides to show off the Galaxy Watch Active 2 with the Galaxy Note 10.

Source: SamMobile

Update 1: Press Render

We already saw real-life photos of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and now we’re seeing a leaked press render. Usually, these things happen the other way around. Regardless, the press render confirms the design we saw in the previous photos. It has the same button shape, red ring around the power button, metal case, and no rotating bezel. The render doesn’t reveal anything about the rumored ECG and fall detection features. We still don’t know for sure if there will be two sizes, but the red ring does seem to indicate an LTE model.

Source: Android Headlines

Update 2: More details & 3rd model

In addition to the LTE and WiFi/Bluetooth models already rumored, a new report claims there will be a 3rd Galaxy Watch Active to choose from. The 3rd model is said to be an Under Armour-branded WiFi/Bluetooth version. It will be available in the two case sizes (40 & 44mm) and it will come with an exclusive strap and 6 free months of MapMyRun.

The report goes on to say that the Watch Active 2 will have ECG support, but Samsung is waiting for FDA approval and the feature likely won’t be available until the first half of 2020. That means it probably won’t be present at launch, assuming it’s released later this year.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE will reportedly have a stainless steel case, leather strap, and four color options: black, silver, gold, and rose gold. With those build materials and LTE, we expect this model to be positioned as the “premium” choice. The WiFi/Bluetooth models will be made of aluminum and come in dark blue, silver, and rose gold.

Source: Wareable

Update 3: Touch Bezel

One of the best things Samsung has done with smartwatches is the rotating bezel. The physical dial around the display makes it incredibly easy (and satisfying) to scroll through the watch UI. Last year, the Galaxy Watch Active ditched this feature and it looked like the Watch Active 2 would follow suit. SamMobile now claims the Watch Active 2 has a “Touch Bezel.” You will be able to slide your finger on the bezel to navigate. We don’t know if this will be a full 360-degree touch surface or just one side of the watch.

The report also mentions that the Watch Active 2 will be Samsung’s first smartwatch with Bluetooth 5.0 support. That should translate into farther range, stronger connection, less power consumption, and better audio output to Bluetooth devices, assuming your phone supports all Bluetooth 5.0 features.

Source: SamMobile

Update 4: FCC Photos

We’ve been seeing a lot of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and now the FCC just revealed the device again. Three photos of the watch were shared with the FCC listing and they line up with previous leaks and rumors. The photos show the recently redesigned app drawer, the Settings, and About watch screen (which shows 4GB of storage). We can see the same bezels and enlarged top button as well.

The FCC listing also includes a few diagrams of the watch. We can see there will be a 40mm aluminum model and a 40mm Stainless Steel model. The diagram also mentions Gorilla Glass DX+, 5ATM water resistance, MIL-STD-810 rating, and GPS. The rumored 44mm size was not included, but it is still expeced.

Source: FCC | Via: Droid-Life

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