Samsung Galaxy Watch will run Tizen 4.0, launch alongside Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Watch will run Tizen 4.0, launch alongside Galaxy Note 9

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When Google dove head first into the smartwatch market there were many who became incredibly enthusiastic at the future possibilities. We had companies like LG, Motorola, Huawei, Samsung, and others, eager to release their first Android Wear smartwatch. Over time, progress in the market seemed to have plateaued and this resulted in many companies backing out so they could focus their resource on other products. Samsung ended up switching to their own software, Tizen, but a new rumor claimed they would give Android one last chance thanks to the rebranded WearOS. However, the latest bit of information claims that isn’t true and that they will be sticking with Tizen for the Galaxy Watch.

SamMobile is very accurate when it comes to unreleased information about all sorts of Samsung products. So while many were expecting the next Samsung smartwatch to be shipping with Wear OS, they have revealed that is not the case. The new smartwatch will be shifting away from the “Gear” branding scheme and will be shifted to something that matches the company’s Galaxy series of devices. Since it will be the first in the series to be using this new name, it’s rumored that the device will simply be called the Galaxy Watch.

This rumor continues by telling us that the device will be running the latest version of Tizen (version 4.0) which had actually been made official back in June of last year. The device is considered to be the successor to the Samsung Gear S3 and will feature the company’s virtual assistant, Bixby. Last, but certainly not least, the Korea branch of ZDNet mentioned the Galaxy Watch will be released on August 24th with pre-bookings being available for the Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 happening on August 14th.

Source: ZDNet Korea (Translated) Source: SamMobile