Can I remove the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3’s screen protector?

Can I remove the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3’s screen protector?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has got many people excited about the foldable with the aggressive pricing that aligns with the traditional flagships of the Android and iPhone world. In addition, it’s more durable than its predecessor and comes with a new protective PET film for the main screen that’s said to be 80% stronger than the TPU film used in the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. So if you’re planning to buy the phone, you may be wondering whether you can remove the PET film. The quick answer is no. Like with the previous foldable phones, users should not remove the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s screen protector.


What you can and can’t remove on the Galaxy Z Flip 3

When you unbox your new Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone, you’ll notice a plastic wrapping film covering the entire phone, including the back. So of course, you need to remove this plastic. But that’s it. You can’t remove the pre-applied screen protector from the main screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The screen protector is specially designed and protects the flexible display.

Although Samsung has ditched the care instructions from the plastic cover, it still warns against removing the protective film from the Galaxy Z Flip 3 in the initial software setup.

Note that the outer Cover Display does not have any screen protector in the first place. You can treat this display as any other display. The specific care instructions are applicable to special foldable display only.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Care Instructions

Galaxy Z Flip 3 unboxed with charger and quick start guide to the side

In addition to leaving the screen protector in place, you shouldn’t press the main display with a sharp object, including your fingernail, as it might damage the screen. Also, make sure there’s nothing inside before folding the phone. Finally, don’t apply any unauthorized screen protectors or stickers on the flexible display. All these things will help you safeguard the Galaxy Z Flip 3. You can also invest in a case if you want more peace of mind. We’ve selected some of the best Z Flip 3 cases you can buy today.

What to do if the protective film gets damaged

Suppose the pre-applied protective film on the Z Flip 3 needs a replacement because of damage? Samsung says you should visit an authorized service center. The company will replace the screen protector if possible, and it may be chargeable. However, don’t try to fix it yourself, as you may end up damaging it even more.

Hopefully, these recommendations will help you keep the phone safe. If you’re still waiting to order the phone, we’ve selected the best deals on the Z Flip 3 to help you save money. Let us know about your experience of using the phone in the comments section below.

    The Galaxy Flip 3 is Samsung’s new clamshell-style foldable phone. It features a 6.7 inch 120Hz flexible screen and Snapdragon 888 SoC.

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