The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case is a $39 must-have if you buy Samsung’s new flip

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case is a $39 must-have if you buy Samsung’s new flip

I’m going to preface this entire article with one necessary statement — I hate cases. I’ve used the original Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 without a case, although I put an Aramid back cover on the latter just for style and a kickstand. My iPhone 12 Pro Max was naked for seven months until I had to go to the Apple Store after dropping it one too many times. I hate cases, which makes this article all the more stranger.

Because whilst I hate cases, I absolutely love the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case. It’s the first time I think Samsung has absolutely nailed a case and it’s the type of thing I would recommend for absolutely every Galaxy Z Flip 3 owner. If this isn’t for you, however, you can check out our roundup of the best Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases.

    The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case is an absolute must-buy for anyone who pre-orders the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It adds grip, lets you use your phone in more ways and adds great style. Check out the Navy color for my personal favorite.

Why should every Galaxy Z Flip 3 owner consider this case? That’s what this case review is for. Don’t forget to read my Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review for more on my time with the phone so far.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case: What I like

Official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases

I’ve used this case for the past three days but also spent an hour with it when previewing Samsung’s Unpacked announcements, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Buds 2, and Galaxy Watch 4. During the preview, I thought the cases were really well designed but ultimately not something I’d buy. However, this ring case improves two small parts of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 experience in a big way.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case is the perfect combination of pop socket and case

The first is grip. I have the Phantom Black Galaxy Z Flip 3 and while I’m more than able to keep it secured with one hand, it does sometimes still create that heart-in-mouth moment where you think it’s about to be dropped. I never dropped the original Flip but did drop the original Fold a couple of times.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case completely transforms this part of the experience. Instead of having to reach over to the end of the other phone and try and grip the phone while also typing or swiping away, you can just hook your finger in the ring. That’s not just in portrait mode; in landscape mode, it’s the same experience. Instead of relying on everyone to use the phone one specific way, it means you can use whichever finger and hold the phone however you want. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case is basically the perfect combination of pop socket and case.

The other is protection. Although the main Display is protected when the phone is closed, there’s still that fear you’ll break it somehow. I accidentally dropped my Galaxy Z Flip 3 with this case on from about three feet onto a laminate wood floor and the only way you’d know is if you were reading this article.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case: What I Don’t Like

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 with lavender case

Honestly, there’s not much I don’t like about the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case. Being rather picky, I’d say it’s annoying it doesn’t protect the hinge when it’s folded. But it protects the back in full when opened so it’s a good trade-off. Similarly, it’s a tad on the thick side but this is a necessary trade-off to ensure there’s enough protection.

On occasion, if I’m using the phone for more than 30 minutes straight – like right now, as I’m writing this review in Word on the phone itself – my hand does cramp up a little but everyone will react differently here. The matte finish does a good job at not attracting too many fingerprints, although they may be far more noticeable if you pick a darker color case. The material does attract a little bit of lint when in your pocket, but it’s definitely improved over Samsung’s previous silicon case offerings.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case: Should You Buy It?

The type of case I'll buy for my mum and sister

The title of this review basically answers this — yes. This case costs $39 and is a worthwhile purchase for every Galaxy Z Flip 3 owner. It’s the type of case I will buy for my mum and sister when I buy them the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The best part is you can remove the ring and use it as a normal case, but I think the ring is definitely a key part of the appeal of this case.

The range of colors also appeals to me. If you have a Black phone or any other color, you can buy cases that either contrast or color match with your phone, allowing you to create that experience that’s unique to you. The best color is the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ring Case in Navy, but the Lavender one I have comes a very close second!

Is it the only case you should buy? No, there’s plenty of other Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases worth buying and I’m testing several of them but this is definitely my favorite so far and likely the one I’ll end up keeping on my Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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