Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Unboxing: What’s in the box?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Unboxing: What’s in the box?

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is finally official and Samsung’s newest flipping smartphone is also its cheapest foldable yet. At a starting price of just $999, it’s the first time we’ve seen mainstream foldable smartphones drop below the $1,000 mark. Despite this, the company has made plenty of improvements to ensure that it’s not just a price cut but what you are buying is actually worth it.

We’ve gone into detail on those improvements in our Galaxy Z Flip 3 hands-on preview and while we’re getting started on the full review, here’s our unboxing of the Galaxy Z Flip 3!


Galaxy Z Flip 3 Unboxing: What are the box contents?

In the Z Flip 3 box, you’ll find the following:

Much like the Galaxy S21 series, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for that matter, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 doesn’t come with a charger in the box. It only supports up to 15W charging and while Samsung does offer an official charger, you’ll probably want to check out our list of the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 chargers to find the best compatible charger as they’ll all support the 15W max (even if they’re rated as higher).

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 could be Samsung’s answer to whether foldables can go mainstream. I used the original Z Flip for an extended period of time and at $1,500 it was definitely a hard sell for most customers. At a price of $999 however, the Z Flip 3 is an excellent buy especially considering it is now IPX8 dust and water-resistant, comes with a 120Hz high refresh rate display, and is powered by the excellent Snapdragon 888 processor. There are also dual cameras and a cover display that’s 4x larger meaning you can actually use it to read full notifications, access quick settings, control music, and much more!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Forums

Stay tuned for our full review of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 over the coming days and weeks and in the meantime, let us know in the comments below if you have any questions! Ready to pre-order? Check out our updated list of the Best Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals and once you’ve ordered, don’t forget to buy a Galaxy Z Flip 3 case as Samsung itself has some awesome cases to choose from!

    The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is Samsung's latest clamshell foldable that offers a bigger outer display, high refresh rate inner display, and top-of-the-line hardware.

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