Samsung Galaxy Z Flip rumored to have dual 12MP cameras, wireless charging, Snapdragon 855+

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip rumored to have dual 12MP cameras, wireless charging, Snapdragon 855+

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The last few weeks have been flooded by Samsung leaks and rumors thanks to our very own Max Weinbach. Most of the attention has been given to the Galaxy S20 series, but we shouldn’t forget a new foldable phone is also on the way. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has shown up a couple of times already and today we’re filling in a few more details.

The Galaxy Z Flip is a different type of foldable phone than the Galaxy Fold, hence the different name. While the Galaxy Fold is essentially a tablet that can fold into the size of a phone, the Z Flip is a phone that can fold vertically into a very compact package. We’ve already seen some leaked live images of this device and it’s the same idea as the Motorola Razr reboot. While we have a good idea of what it looks like, specifications have been harder to come by.

Earlier this week, we learned about some of the Galaxy Z Flip specifications. Today, Max has tweeted some further details, reiterating some of those specs, and sharing new ones. He says the display will indeed be Dynamic AMOLED and it will feature “Samsung Ultra Thin Glass.” He also mentions 15W charging, which has been rumored in the past.

Some of the more interesting details in the tweets include dual 12MP cameras on the back. We knew it would have one 12MP camera, but we didn’t know the use of the second, which will apparently have a wide-angle lens. Max also says the Galaxy Z Flip will have wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, just like the Galaxy Fold.  The small display on the front can be used as a viewfinder as well. And there will be a side-mounted capacitive fingerprint scanner.

Last, but not least, Max is saying the device will be powered by the Snapdragon 855+, not the 865, which is something that has been up in the air. Previously, we had heard a number of specifications for the Galaxy Z Flip. It’s said to have a 6.7-inch display, 10MP camera up front, 256GB of storage, 3,300-3,500mAh battery, and black and purple colorways. The Galaxy Z Flip should be announced at Unpacked next month.