Samsung’s next Fold will be called the “Galaxy Z Fold 2”

Samsung’s next Fold will be called the “Galaxy Z Fold 2”

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After all the excitement of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, we’ve been waiting to see the company’s next “phone > tablet” transformer. The Galaxy Z Flip was a cool form factor, but the size of the Fold makes more sense for productivity purposes. We’ve assumed the successor to be simply called the “Galaxy Fold 2,” but it turns out the “Z” is here for good.

According to a new report, the company’s next foldable will be called the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. To some people, this will come as no surprise. Samsung themselves essentially said the “Z” moniker would be used on all future foldable devices after the Galaxy Z Flip was announced. Back in February, a company spokesperson said: “We chose ‘Z’ for this series because it intuitively communicates the idea of a fold while delivering a dynamic, youthful feel.”

To add further proof for the new naming scheme, the original Galaxy Fold is now listed on Samsung’s website under the “Galaxy Z” category. While “Galaxy Z Fold 2” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, it does make sense for Samsung to organize all foldables under a single name. The company now has “Galaxy S” for smartphones, “Galaxy Tab” for tablets, and “Galaxy Z” for foldables.

Name aside, what can we expect from the Galaxy Z Fold 2? Recent reports claim the Fold 2 won’t include an S Pen, despite previous rumors. Other reports suggest it will have a 7.7-inch inside display, larger outside display, 512GB of storage, 5G, and the latest processor. We’re expecting to see the Fold 2 during Samsung’s “virtual” Unpacked 2020 event on August 5th.

Source: SamMobile