Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 have a fingerprint sensor?

Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 have a fingerprint sensor?

Samsung recently unveiled its latest generation of foldables, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3. This is a very high-end phone, packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of storage. Of course, there’s more to it than just performance, and one thing you may want to know about is biometrics. Specifically, whether the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition.

The good news is yes, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 does have a fingerprint sensor, just as previous versions have had. This is an optical fingerprint sensor and not an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that we see Samsung using in their Galaxy S series lineup.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with leather case on

The fingerprint sensor is mounted on the side right below the volume rocker, and it doubles as a power button. Of course, the reason for that is it’s easy to reach with the phone folded and unfolded. It would be inefficient to have a fingerprint reader for each of the displays. Plus. since it’s built into the power button, you’ll more easily get used to reaching for it. Considering it has two big screens, both of which can be warranted for day-to-day use, this is the best solution.

You can always opt for facial recognition if you prefer that, but keep in mind this won’t be the most secure method of authentication. Samsung only uses a standard camera for facial recognition, no fancy 3D scanning or anything. As such, it’s easier to fool than something like Face ID on an iPhone. For the most safety, you’ll want to use the fingerprint reader instead.

S-Pen Pro in action on the Z Fold 3

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