Samsung showcases the assembly line testing process for its foldables

Samsung showcases the assembly line testing process for its foldables

Samsung made some bold durability claims about its latest foldables at its Galaxy Unpacked event earlier this month. If you’ve been wondering whether or not there is some truth to these claims, Samsung has now shared a behind-the-scenes video showcasing the tests it runs on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 before it hits the market.

The video starts with the last few steps in the production cycle of a Galaxy Z Fold 4, with robots precisely placing the back cover on the device. Following that, it showcases a series of device functionality assessments. This series of tests check the device’s touch and proximity sensors, S Pen, and contactless payment capabilities. Then comes network and camera testing, where the device’s network transmission, reception, and camera functions, are thoroughly evaluated. Once all of that is complete, Samsung begins a series of durability tests on the device.


The first durability test checks water resistance using a specialized chamber. Devices that survive the test make it to the folding test bench where robotic arms fold and unfold the phones to rule out any issues with the folding mechanism. Another specialized robot then tests the side keys by pressing them repeatedly, and the entire process ends with another water resistance test. In the last water resistance test, nozzles spray water at high pressure at an unfolded Galaxy Z Fold 4 from all directions, and then it’s completely submerged.

Although the video doesn’t show the Galaxy Z Flip 4 going through all the same tests, it makes an appearance in the last water resistance test, suggesting that Samsung also puts the smaller phone through the same series of tests.

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is relatively affordable but it's not as feature-packed as the Galaxy Z Fold 4.
    The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the ultimate productivity powerhouse that offers a more well-rounded experience for power users.

What do you think of Samsung’s testing methodology for its latest foldables? Does this video give you enough confidence to seal the deal on a new foldable? Let us know in the comments section below.

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