The Samsung Galaxy S21 series sees its first flat discount, and it’s (still) a good one

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series sees its first flat discount, and it’s (still) a good one

Good things come to those who wait. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S21 series of phones, and the hype is justified–our Galaxy S21 Ultra hands-on shows that it’s pretty darn neat! The next line of flagships is expensive, though, with the Ultra retailing at $1,200. It’s painful for the wallet, but if you’re frugal, you know to wait for a nice deal to take the sting out of the price tag a bit. This time, you didn’t have to wait long either, with the series getting a flat discount of up to $200 at multiple retailers. I don’t think I’ve seen a discount for flagship phones quite this quickly!


That’s right, it’s seriously just up to $200 off the MSRP! No trade-ins, no nonsense with rebates or coupons, nothing. Just $100 off the Samsung Galaxy S21 and $200 off the Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. This isn’t just available at one retailer, either–the discounts are live at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo and Video. So you have all sorts of choices ahead of you!

With Amazon, you can use Prime Shipping to get your new S21 in just two days. Also, with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa, you have an option to pay over 18 months, which makes the cost barrier even lower than the competition. Finally, well, almost everyone uses Amazon for online orders, so it’s not too difficult to just hit that ‘Buy Now’ button and not worry about your Galaxy S21 until it’s at your door.

At Best Buy, you’ll get the $100 or $200 discount like Amazon. However, Best Buy also gives a $50 discount if you activate the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21 series phone today! So if you already know your carrier or are switching to one available at Best Buy, it’s the perfect way to save a little extra.

Finally, we have B&H Photo and Video. As I mentioned before, they’re a great retailer in terms of tech deals, and while not as well known as Amazon or Best Buy, they’re worth making an account for just for some of the incredible deals they have. In this case, they have the $100 and $200 discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S21 phones, but they’re probably not going to sell out as quickly as the other two retailers. So, if Amazon and Best Buy are sold out of the phone of your choice, make sure to check B&H!

This is a great discount, but there’s no telling how long it’ll last. If you miss out, though, you can always check our Samsung Galaxy S21 deals and Galaxy S21 Ultra deals posts to see how else you can save on this new flagship!

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