Samsung Gear S4 may be in the works with improved S Health features

Samsung Gear S4 may be in the works with improved S Health features

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The smartwatch business is nowhere close to the size of the smartphone market, but the competition is similar. On top of this market is Apple, whose Apple Watch captures a big chunk of the wearable market share. Following Apple are companies like Fitbit, Xiaomi, Garmin and Huawei. But Samsung has also been in the wearable game for a long time now, with their Tizen-powered Gear watches being promoted as the better companion choice for Samsung Galaxy phones. The Gear S3, featuring 4G connectivity and Samsung Pay support, was the latest flagship iteration of the line, but a successor, the Gear S4, may be approaching on the horizon.

A Samsung smartwatch bearing the model number SM-R800 is apparently being worked on, according to SamMobile. According to previous trends, it would be called the Samsung Gear S4. We’re not expecting this to be an overwhelming upgrade, however, if rumors end up being correct. Aside from the usual improvements to the internals and the software, which always come with yearly updates, Samsung is also improving the health and fitness options. The S Health app will be getting better in-depth sleep tracking and possibly more.

Unfortunately, very little is known at the time of this purported smartwatch. The leak train should start running very soon and tell us about the upcoming improvements packed within this new watch. As only the model number has leaked, it’s also not certain whether this watch will be the Gear S4 or a successor to the Gear Sport. Only time will tell, however. As with all rumors, we advise you to take this with a grain of salt and be skeptical until actual leaks start appearing. The Gear S3 was released in 2016, so it is indeed due for a refresh very soon. We hope that’s what Samsung has in the pipeline.

Source: SamMobile