Samsung Good Lock addon brings swipe gestures to the Galaxy S9/Note 8/S8

Samsung Good Lock addon brings swipe gestures to the Galaxy S9/Note 8/S8

Just a month ago, Samsung released Good Lock for Android Oreo. Since then they have updated the apps that comprise Good Lock 2018 for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ with new features. The “One Hand Operation +” addon was updated a few days ago with new edge gesture features to help make life easier when using the phone with one hand.

One-Handed Mode is on the phone by default as a way to make it easier to use a large phone if your hands are not large. It takes the UI on the screen and shrinks it down to a smaller window. This has been on Samsung phones since at least Android Marshmallow. One Hand Operation + is different. It’s a Good Lock addon that includes swipe gestures for the edge of the screen.


One Hand Operation + adds a new area on the sides of the phone that allow the user to swipe in from one of three directions to complete a number of tasks. This allows you to use these gestures instead of the navbar to make life easier if your hand isn’t large enough to reach the full screen on large phones like the Galaxy S9.

Gestures are becoming increasingly popular for device manufacturers and users. Samsung has their own set of gestures that are not widely known. On the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S9+, if you hard press the home button and swipe left or right, you can go either back or open Recent Apps. You can do this when the navbar is hidden. Other companies like OnePlus and Motorola have their own gestures too. Motorola uses a bar similar to the iPhone X and our Navigation Gestures app. Even Google has their own gestures in Android P.

Let’s hope Samsung keeps updating all of the Good Luck 2018 apps with new features like this. Gesture control is becoming very popular and Samsung’s attempts are going in the right direction. You can get both Good Lock and One Hand Operation + in the Galaxy Apps store or download the APKs below.

Good Lock 2018 APK One Hand Operation + APK

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