Samsung has Launched Bixby’s Voice Command Service in South Korea

Samsung has Launched Bixby’s Voice Command Service in South Korea

Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant has been received with mixed emotions. Many enthusiasts want to distance themselves from the new feature but there are some within the community who have been looking forward to using its many features.

The situation has been made worse with how Samsung has been handling all Bixby-related topics since the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ was announced.

A lot of people were happy when it was revealed we could remap the dedicated Bixby button with standard hardware button remapping applications. This didn’t last long though as the company rolled out an OTA update that removed this functionality with the remapping applications we’re used to. Thankfully there are still ways to workaround this but it shows how hard Samsung is pushing back on the community with this, even though the remapping methods could have co-existed with Bixby.

There was even an issue with Verizon branded Galaxy S8 units not having its Bixby Vision feature working with Amazon the way it was advertised.

However, the biggest talking point was likely that Bixby’s voice command service wasn’t going to be made available at launch. They still aren’t ready to roll out the service around the world but at least now they’re making some progress. It is being reported that Galaxy S8 and S8+ units in South Korea are now able to use Bixby’s voice command feature and associated functionality.

Samsung hasn’t announced when the voice command service would be available to Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners that are not in South Korea. Previous reports have pegged this month as a possible launch period, but nothing has been made official just yet. Samsung says they just needed extra time to fully prepare their servers before the feature was to be rolled out to their customers.

Many hoped issues would be ironed out by launch but it makes sense for Samsung to not want people getting a bad first impression of the new service. A few would still argue that Samsung oversold Bixby at its launch. What do you think?

Source: ZDNet

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