Samsung Hit With Multiple Class Action Lawsuits Over the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Hit With Multiple Class Action Lawsuits Over the Galaxy Note 7

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We assumed this was going to happen sooner or later, and now we’re seeing two different cases where Galaxy Note 7 customers have banded together and filed a class action lawsuit against the South Korean tech giant. One of these cases is taking place in the United States and currently consists of three different plaintiffs. The second case includes 38 different Galaxy Note 7 customers. Each of these cases are suing for different reasons, and it’s unlikely that the lawsuits will stop here.

The lawsuit in South Korea was filed by the Harvest Law Office earlier today. The 38 different plaintiffs are seeking about $266.80 in damages over inconvenience and anxiety damages. They feel money is owed to them because of the time they had to take away from their day to visit stores for battery checks and/or trying to get replacements done. Not only this, but some are seeking damages because of the anxiety they have experienced from just having to deal with a potentially-dangerous product in their homes.

In the United States, the lawsuit has been filed by the McCuneWright law firm and the three initial plaintiffs are suing because of how Samsung handled the recall process. They were not happy with having to send in their smartphone and then wait weeks to get a replacement. They feel it is not fair for them to have to keep paying for device payment plans as well as their wireless service plans when they don’t even have a smartphone to use.

The Harvest Law Office out of South Korea feels confident they will be able to win the suit thanks to the precedents that have been made due to faulty products in the past. In the US, this type of “economic injuries” lawsuits are common after faulty products have been recalled. So both feel that Samsung will be happy to settle so they can avoid this litigation surrounding the Galaxy Note 7.

Source: Motherboard