The Samsung Home Hub gives you access to all your smart home devices on one screen

The Samsung Home Hub gives you access to all your smart home devices on one screen

Along with its new range of TVs, 4K monitors, and Freestyle projector, Samsung showcased a new smart home device during its CES 2022 keynote — the Samsung Home Hub. As its name suggests, the new Home Hub is a handy device that gives you access to all your SmartThings connected devices and services on one screen.

Samsung says that the Home Hub will give users complete control over their smart home, allowing them to perform actions like turning on/off the TV/lights, checking the status of connected appliances, and monitoring energy use. The company claims that the Home Hub is a flexible device that also “brings together all of the SmartThings-connected services for a streamlined experience with SmartThings Cooking, Clothing Care, Energy, Pet, and Air.”


Given that Samsung recently announced that it’s joining the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) to promote interoperability and drive innovation, we expect the company to add support for smart home devices from other HCA members to the Home Hub following its launch. At the moment, Samsung has not shared the complete details about the upcoming Home Hub, but we can glean some information from the attached render.

Samsung Home Hub

As you can see, the Home Hub looks to be a large-screen Android tablet propped up on a stand. It features the same navigation buttons that you’d find on other Samsung devices running One UI, along with a couple of cards that provide quick access to various SmartThings services and connected devices on the home screen. Underneath the cards, you can see various tabs that give you access to your favorite devices, all devices, automation options, menu, and more.

A close look at the top-right corner of the Home Hub reveals that it will feature a built-in battery and might include support for cellular connectivity. This means that users will be able to carry it along with them and control all connected devices while on the go.

For now, we don’t know much else about the upcoming Home Hub. But we expect Samsung to share more details when the device goes on sale in Korea later this year.

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