Samsung Internet adds an option to prevent sites that stop you from going back

Samsung Internet adds an option to prevent sites that stop you from going back

Samsung Internet is based on Google’s open-source Chromium web browser and has a number of additional features built into it, like a built-in autoplay video blocker and the ability to block links that open apps. Best of all, the app itself is not tightly linked to the company’s custom Android skin, One UI, thus non-Samsung owners can also install this feature-packed browser. Samsung Browser has now gained yet another privacy-focused feature in its latest update that can be useful to prevent browser hijacking.

The new option, dubbed as “Block unwanted webpages”, is listed as a toggle under “Privacy and security” options. According to the description, the feature can put a stop to the typical “history manipulation” tactics, where rogue websites deliberately tamper with your browsing history so pressing the “Back” button doesn’t get you back to your expected page. Matter of fact, Google also added a similar protection mechanism in the Chromium codebase back in 2018 to combat against this foul practice, which could be used by Samsung as the foundation of the new feature.



At the time of reporting, the feature can be accessed on Samsung Internet’s latest beta as well as stable update (software version You can install the beta build alongside the regular version, which is quite an easy task as it doesn’t need any kind of prior registration. The “Customize menu” section has been overhauled as well, which enables users to access tons of useful shortcuts that are not yet available on the stable branch.


Download Samsung Internet from APK Mirror: Stable || Beta

The APK(s) linked above can be useful for sideloading, especially if you prefer to run a vanilla Android ROM like LineageOS without Google services. Regular users, however, can download the beta and/or the stable version to try out the new features by following the link below.

Thanks to Twitter user @Kuma_Sleepy for the screenshots!

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