Samsung Internet 13.0 introduces beefed up privacy and security features

Samsung Internet 13.0 introduces beefed up privacy and security features

Samsung has begun rolling out Samsung Internet 13.0, which the company said introduces features that will provide users with a safer browsing experience.

One of the big new features is known as “Secret mode.” This new mode allows users to automatically clear their browsing history as soon as all Secret mode tabs are closed. Users will see an icon to indicate when Secret mode is enabled.

The update will also warn users when they visit a potentially malicious website. “Samsung Internet 13.0 offers a new permission request UI that will display a warning message if a website seems malicious and is attempting to trick users into allowing notifications.” Samsung Internet


Permission Request UI – Before (left) and Samsung Internet 13.0 (right)

In addition to Samsung Internet 13.0’s improved privacy and security features, the update also provides users with a better user experience:

  • You can now use High contrast mode with Dark mode on, to make fonts and other components stand out even more.
  • Samsung Internet 13.0 also introduces an Expandable App Bar for menus such as Bookmarks, Saved pages, History and Downloads.
  • Get more screen space by hiding the status bar, to immerse yourself in the content you’re browsing.
  • When watching a video in full screen with Video assistant, pause it by double tapping the middle of the screen.
  • Easily edit the title of your bookmarks so that they’re easier to recognize and search.

Finally, Samsung said new API modules are now available for Samsung Internet 13.0, which will give developers the opportunity to use them to build extensions. Some of the new modules include WebRequest, Proxy, Cookies, Types, History, Alarms, Privacy, and more. Interested developers can learn more about developing a third-party extension by visiting this link.

Samsung Internet 13.0 was first detailed when Samsung released a beta for it back in September. It’s been a few months, but now the features are available for everyone.

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