Samsung Internet 16 enhances search results, adds page zoom, and more

Samsung Internet 16 enhances search results, adds page zoom, and more

Samsung Internet is one of the best Chromium-based Android browsers out there. In some ways, it’s even better than Google Chrome, offering features like a built-in ad blocker, customizable interface, and enhanced privacy and security controls. Samsung has just released a new beta release for the browser, which further improves the browsing experience.

Samsung Internet 16.0 beta based on Chromium 92 is here, and it includes improvements to search experience, protection against transparent pixels, and page zoom support on phones and tablets.

The latest version offers an enhanced search experience. When you enter a search term in the address bar, you’ll see a list of relevant results that includes potential answers, search suggestion chips, and bookmarks and history suggestions. For example, if you type “weather,” the current weather for your location will be shown right below the address bar without having to load the search results. Note that this isn’t exclusive to Samsung Internet — Google Chrome has had this ability for a long while. Furthermore, as you type your search term in the address bar, search suggestions now appear as small chips instead of a drop-down list, allowing more results to be displayed on the screen.


Searching for "weather" in Samsung Internet's address bar

Samsung Internet 16.0 beta is now also able to identify and block a type of malicious tracker which uses a tiny, almost invisible image to track which websites you visit across domains. The new Smart Protect feature in Samsung Internet will find these images and render them useless.

Finally, Samsung Internet 16.0 beta is adding a new accessibility feature that allows users to zoom into any web page on smartphones and tablets.

You can try out all these improvements in the latest beta of Samsung Internet that’s currently rolling out on the Google Play Store and Galaxy Store. As always, the stable release will follow in the coming weeks.

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