Samsung Internet 7.2 Beta adds Protected Browsing to warn users of malicious websites

Samsung Internet 7.2 Beta adds Protected Browsing to warn users of malicious websites

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The Samsung Internet browser has attracted a growing fan base due to its speed, features, and frequent updates. It was back in October when the browser was updated to version 6.2 and it received a night mode, a tracking blocker, and more. Late last month, we saw the browser update to version 6.4, which enabled web Bluetooth by default and added some security updates among other things. Those were both stable channel updates, but this week the team is rolling out Samsung Internet version 7.2 beta. The update includes an upgraded engine, a protected browsing mode, and other goodies.

Keeping the engine of a web browser up to date is optimal for a number of reasons. This beta version of Samsung Internet upgrades the engine to Chromium M59. New web platform features include Web Assembly, Intersection Observer, and WebGL2. Another popular feature that Chrome has had for a while is called Protected Browsing. Its job is to stop you from going to malicious websites.

Just like the Chrome implementation, you can continue going to the site if you truly wish to, but most people will close the tab and look for other options online. The developers behind the project have also made some improvements to the included content blocker. You will now be able to install these directly from the browser so you can improve your user experience with just a few taps in the settings.

Samsung Internet 7.2 beta also includes some interface improvements to make more room for selected websites in the URL bar. Web Apps will now have a new icon that helps you to add the shortcut to your home screen, while news articles will have a button that will let you go directly into reader mode. The folks behind the application have also put in some effort to improve the user experience on devices with 1GB of RAM or less. This has been done by reworking the tab switcher so it’s more memory efficient, which in turn makes browsing between your tabs much faster.

Source: Samsung Internet Developers