Samsung Internet 7.4 adds a personal shopping assistant and breaking news notifications

Samsung Internet 7.4 adds a personal shopping assistant and breaking news notifications

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There is a large number of people who feel that Samsung Experience on the company’s devices is a bloated OEM ROM with too many features that hardly anyone uses. Describing applications and features as bloated is a subjective process as we all use our smartphones differently. However, one Samsung application that a lot of people have grown to love is the Samsung Internet Browser. It’s lightweight, optimized, and has a number of useful features built into it. The company has just announced version 7.4 of the application and with it comes two new features for shopping and breaking news notifications.

The company just announced beta version 8.2 of the Samsung Internet browser and with that means version 7.4 of the application is now officially stable. This new stable update comes with a couple of standout features that have the potential of pulling in more people from the Chrome and Firefox user base. The first big feature included in this update is what they are calling Quick Suggest. This is a personal shopping assistant that is built directly into the web browser.

Samsung is calling Quick Suggest your own “personal smart assistant shopper” and it will suggest related articles, offers, and expert reviews when it detects you are shopping in the application. The feature even includes the same cashback offers that Samsung Pay currently includes and that’s directly from the Samsung Internet web browser as well. Next up in version 7.4 is a feature for those who are always wanting to know the latest breaking news.

Some use dedicated applications for delivering the news, but this new feature, called News Push, can let you use one less application if you so choose. Thanks to this feature you can be alerted of the top and trending news from reputable media sources including CNN, Reuters, BBC News, and AP. News Push in Samsung Internet 7.4 offers breaking news across many categories of interests such as world, national, business, technology, entertainment, sports, science, politics, health, food, and travel.

Source: Samsung