Samsung Internet 9.2 Beta brings One UI night mode support and Smart Anti-Tracking

Samsung Internet 9.2 Beta brings One UI night mode support and Smart Anti-Tracking

Android users are spoilt for choice when it comes to internet browsers, as we have so many options available to us. While all the browsers set out achieve the same basic objectives, i.e. let us surf the internet, their different approach towards this basic objective appeals to our own subjective tastes. Samsung Internet is one such choice that builds off of the standard Chromium code engine and comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Samsung has announced a big update to the Beta channel of Samsung Internet. The Samsung Internet Beta v9.2 updates the Chromium engine to Chromium 67 and is also the first version to feature Samsung’s One UI design language.


The new UI brings along compatibility with One UI’s system-wide Night Mode that themes the app to a dark theme. Additionally, you can also turn on “Dark Mode” when using Night Mode, in order to automatically change the displayed webpage into a darker theme. The new UI in the app also shifts user-accessible menus to the bottom, making it easier to access when using the phone with one hand.

Samsung Internet Beta 9.2 also introduces WebAPK, which allows Progressive Web Apps to be installed on the device, be visible in the app launcher and be recognized by the OS as a more fully-fledged app.

This update also features Smart Anti-Tracking, a privacy-focused feature that targets cross-site tracking. The browser utilizes on-device machine learning to identify third-party domains that have the capability to track users. These domains are then denied access to cookies, making it harder for them to track a user across multiple sites. Resource loading for these tracker domains is also de-prioritized, which will allow other load resources to load quicker. You can enable Smart Anti-Tracking through Settings > Privacy and Security > Smart anti-tracking.

Source: Samsung

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