Samsung Internet Beta v6.2 to be Made Available for Android 5.0+

Samsung Internet Beta v6.2 to be Made Available for Android 5.0+

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Samsung Internet is a web browser that ships as the default browser on Samsung’s smartphones and tablets. It’s based on Google’s open source Chromium web browser, and has a number of additional features built into it. It has been highly praised by its speed in the past (even from non-Samsung owners) by the community and Samsung is taking notice. Following the release of their test run with version 5 of the beta, the company will be opening it up to even more devices soon.

If you remember back, Samsung started to allow non-Samsung devices to install the Samsung Internet web browser when they released version 5 of the beta. This was specifically made available via the Play Store for Google Nexus and Google Pixel devices. Granted, even non-Nexus and non-Pixel owners could sideload the APK for this version of Samsung internet. But this is something that the average person doesn’t feel safe doing.

Unless you know what you’re doing, the golden rule is to only download applications and games from the Play Store. Samsung is aware of this and after the beta testing they did with version 5, they’re ready to expand it to even more devices. The company has announced that the upcoming 6.2 beta release for Samsung Internet will be available via the Play Store to any device that is running Android 5.0 or higher. We’re told the update is already out, but is currently on a gradual rollout and would take a few days to be made available for everyone.

This is great news as it brings the power and speed of Samsung Internet to non-Samsung devices. This will include the features that it has as well including the ability to sync your bookmarks, saved pages and open tabs with the desktop Chrome extension. Google is testing their own ad blocker with the developer branch of Chrome, but Samsung’s web browser has its own content blocker built in. The browser has a high contrast mode feature, an upgraded engine, support for CSS Grid, and a number of features that can be manually enabled on the internet://flags: page.

Source: Samsung Internet Developers