Samsung Internet Beta 11.2 can block links that open apps, gets new Menu Bar buttons

Samsung Internet Beta 11.2 can block links that open apps, gets new Menu Bar buttons

Despite the fact that the Play Store is teeming with a variety of web browsers, several OEMs ship their smartphones with their own browser apps. While most of these preinstalled browser apps are pretty bad, Samsung’s native web browser, called Samsung Internet, is quite a decent alternative to Google Chrome. The Chromium-based browser includes a bunch of handy features like an autoplay video blocker, smart anti-tracking, night mode, and more that make it one of the most feature-rich web browsers on the platform. Adding on to the list of useful features in the browser, Samsung recently rolled out a new Video Assistant feature that helps users open videos in PiP mode, zoom in on videos, or change the brightness. Now, Samsung is rolling out a beta update of the browser that brings even more new features to the browser app.


As per a recent Medium post, the latest beta update for the Samsung Internet browser (v11.2) adds a few new customization options that will allow users to add buttons to the menu or the menu bar. These include a new tab button, Quick enter ‘Secret Mode’, Quick Exit with optional clear all history and cookies, temporarily disable ad-blockers, and search. To add these new buttons, you’ll need to navigate to the Customize Menu in the Appearance settings. On top of that, the beta update also brings some additional privacy and security features, including a new ‘Block unwanted webpages’ feature that is designed to stop malicious websites that prevent you from leaving by silently inserting spam pages in your history. The feature can be turned on from within the Security and Privacy settings in the browser.

Samsung Internet browser customizable buttons

Customizable buttons

The Smart anti-tracking feature in the Samsung Internet browser has also received some improvements that will help the browser catch double the tracking domains as before. And finally, the update also includes a new option to block links that try to open apps. This new feature will automatically prevent websites from launching their respective apps so that you can enjoy the web experience without any annoying popups. Samsung Internet beta (v11.2) has already started rolling out on the Play Store and if you’re interested in trying out the new features you can download the beta version by following the link below.

Source: Medium

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