Samsung Internet Beta gets a Chrome-like tab grid

Samsung Internet Beta gets a Chrome-like tab grid

Google Chrome is obviously a very popular browser for Android users, but there are plenty of other decent options as well. Samsung Internet has actually grown to become a super solid and feature-rich browser, even though it’s also based on Chromium. Samsung even has a beta channel for the browser that gets updated frequently. The latest beta update adds a new grid view to the tab switcher.

The new grid view for the tab switcher looks similar to the layout that was announced for Chrome in 2019. Google is still testing the layout (you can enable it here: chrome://flags#enable-tab-grid-layout), but Samsung Internet beta is getting it now for all users without a feature flag. The grid layout joins Samsung’s existing choices for “List” and “Card” views.

Unlike Chrome, the tabs in Samsung Internet appear over the top of your current page. Depending on your phone’s display size/density, the grid will appear as a single column with large previews or two columns with more compact previews. If you have a large display, you can swipe down on the grid to bring the tabs closer to the bottom of the screen.

The new tab grid is present in Samsung Internet Beta v12.1.1.5. You can install the beta from the Google Play Store button below or download the APK right here from APKMirror. Samsung’s browser is surprisingly decent and it’s available for more than just Galaxy devices. If you’re looking to try an alternative to Chrome on Android, give this browser a shot.

Via: Android Police