Samsung Internet now has an optional bookmarks bar

Samsung Internet now has an optional bookmarks bar

Samsung Internet is one of the few pre-installed applications made by a phone manufacturer that people actually want to install on other devices, thanks to its speedy Chromium base and customizable interface. The app has received several improvements over the past few months, like a Chrome-style tab grid and new privacy functionality, and now a popular feature found in most desktop browsers has arrived.

Samsung Internet Beta 14.2, which is now available on the Play Store, has a new option to display a bookmarks bar in the web browser. The setting works on both phones and tablets, even though there’s not much room for it in a portrait screen layout. You can hold down on the bar to add the current page, create a folder, or edit it in the bookmarks manager.


The bookmarks bar in Samsung Internet can be enabled by tapping the browser’s menu button, selecting ‘Settings,’ then opening the ‘Appearance’ menu. There are no options to customize how the bar appears in the browser — the ability to show the site icon (especially only the site icon) would be nice to see in a future update. To add pages to the bar, tap the star-shaped bookmark button, then move the newly-created bookmark to the ‘Bookmark bar’ folder.

The new bookmarks bar isn’t too helpful on phones, but it is a great addition for tablets and Samsung’s DeX desktop mode. Unfortunately, Samsung Internet still doesn’t have a robust sync solution that works with desktop web browsers (the official Chrome extension doesn’t automatically sync and is broken for many), so copying your bookmarks from a PC to Samsung Internet is difficult at best.

If you want to give the new functionality a spin, download Samsung Internet Beta from the Play Store below. The feature should arrive on the regular release channel soon.

Thanks to Android TestingCatalog for spotting the feature!

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