Samsung Internet can now sync page positions across Galaxy devices

Samsung Internet can now sync page positions across Galaxy devices

Samsung Internet is a popular web browser originally developed for Galaxy smartphones, but is also available to download on the Play Store for other devices. The browser is often praised for its speedy Chromium-based rendering engine and extensive customizability, and now there are a few new features to try out in the beta release channel.

Samsung has published a blog post outlining the changes in Samsung Internet 14.2 Beta, which include the optional bookmarks bar that we covered last week. Besides that, the browser now has improved support for Samsung’s ‘Continue apps on other devices’ feature, which arrived on Galaxy phones and tablets as part of One UI 3.1. Tabs from Samsung Internet on one device could already appear on other devices connected to the same Samsung account, but now the page position is also synchronized.

Screen recording of opening a Samsung Internet session from one phone on another phone

Continue apps feature on Galaxy S21 Ultra

For the feature to work, both devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network, have Bluetooth enabled, the latest Samsung Internet Beta release needs to be installed, and ‘Continue apps on other devices’ enabled in the system settings (Settings app > Advanced features) has to be enabled. The functionality comes across as a less-useful version of Apple Handoff, which works with both iPhones and Mac computers, while Samsung’s implementation is only compatible with select phones and tablets. Still, it could be useful if you regularly use a Samsung-made tablet along with a Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Internet 14.2 also introduces S Pen air actions, similar to the gestures available through the system camera application. On supported devices, you can navigate forward or backward by holding down the S Pen button and moving the stylus left or right (like you’re a wizard pointing a wand). You can also point up or down to scroll the page, or do a circle gesture to reload.

Samsung Internet Beta is available to download from the Play Store below, or through Samsung’s own Galaxy Store. If previous updates are anything to go by, Internet 14.2 should leave beta sometime in the next week or two.

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