Samsung Internet Updated to v6.4, Enables Web Bluetooth by Default, Security Updates, and More

Samsung Internet Updated to v6.4, Enables Web Bluetooth by Default, Security Updates, and More

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The default web browser on Samsung devices is called Samsung Internet. It is based on Google’s open source Chromium web browser, but Samsung has worked to add additional features such as an API to block ads. The last time we talked about a Samsung Internet browser update was last August with version 6.2, but this week the team has announced version 6.4. With the new update dropping this week, the team has been focusing on “connected thinking” and says this update makes it their most connected web browser yet.

The headlining feature of Samsung Internet 6.4 is that it enables Web Bluetooth by default. This means that web applications will now be able to interact with Bluetooth Low Energy peripherals via a JavaScript API. The feature was first introduced in version 6.0 of the application, but it required you to enable it via a hidden flag. This doesn’t mean that Bluetooth will automatically be enabled, or that web applications have free access to those Bluetooth devices. If a web application wants access to a Bluetooth device, then you will see a permission request for it.

This new update to Samsung Internet also expands the user experience when you’re downloading a file from the web. You’re now allowed to rename files before you even begin downloading them. You have quick access to pause, resume, and cancel downloads, and you’ll find that they have added a new Download History page for monitoring your past and current downloads.

The last big change in this update comes in the form of unique user interfaces for various regions around the world. Those in India have access to a new Data Save UI that shows how much you’ve saved by using the the Ultra Data Saving (UDS) feature. This update also brings support for the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) which is a standard payment system in India. With Cricket being the most popular sport in India, Samsung has teamed up with India Today  to provide live cricket scores via the optional India Today Cricket extension (which needs to be downloaded separately.)

The same amount of effort has been put into version 6.4 of the Samsung Internet update for those who live in China. Back in version 5.2 the start page of the browser showed local and up-to-date content from partners including Weibo, Baidu, and Tencent. This has been enhanced with version 6.4 and now allows for further customization of what is displayed on this page.

The last thing added to Samsung Internet version 6.4 is security updates for everyone around the globe. This includes Chromium patches that mitigate Spectre attacks, reducing the timing accuracy of the function, and adding a small ‘jitter’ to the Date timestamp.

Source: Samsung Internet Developers