Samsung is Finalizing a Deal to Invest $2 Billion in Vietnam for OLED Production

Samsung is Finalizing a Deal to Invest $2 Billion in Vietnam for OLED Production

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It’s become clear that Samsung is going all in on OLED production lately. They’ve shut down multiple LCD production facilities and have increased their output of OLED panels over the last few years. Samsung has invested so much into OLED production that they’ve been even been able to bring down the price and actually make it competitive to LCD panels.

They aren’t stopping anytime soon either, as it seems OLED is the future for displays manufactured by Samsung.

Last month we wrote about a report which claimed flexible OLED shipments were on track to triple in 2017. Samsung is by far leading this in terms of production numbers, but there are a number of companies who also produce them. We see companies like EverDisplay, Optronics, and Visionox who are in the market, but they’re only able to satisfy smaller orders. LG is also investing in flexible OLED panels, as they use POLED panels in a number of their products.

Now we’re hearing about Samsung wanting to invest even more into OLED technology. A new report talks about Samsung finalizing a deal that would have them invest $2 billion in OLED production within the country of Vietnam. While there is still a lot of work to be done before the deal finally happens, they are working on the conditions of the production facility, and the type of tax benefits the facility would be able to bring in.

If everything goes smoothly though, we should see an official announcement made sometime in the first quarter of this year. Samsung actually already invests in OLED panel production within the country, and this would bring the total up to $6 billion. This new deal could even be due to the company’s need to produce more OLED panels for Apple and its upcoming iPhones, but we’ll see the benefit of these investments across multiple markets that utilize OLED panels regardless of whether those rumors prove true.

Source: The Investor