Samsung is Rumored to Launch “News Today” – a News app with Podcasts and Bixby Voice

Samsung is Rumored to Launch “News Today” – a News app with Podcasts and Bixby Voice

Most of the attention on Samsung right now is about its upcoming smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8. We’ve been hearing tidbits about the new phone from Samsung over the last few months now. The company still doesn’t seem to be able to get the fingerprint sensor under the screen, mock up renders of device’s dimensions indicate it will have two cameras on the back, and it looks like it will have a slightly larger display than the Galaxy S8+ with a diagonal of 6.3″.

Still, Samsung doesn’t typically just release a new flagship smartphone and be done with it. Much like the features they pack into TouchWiz/Grace UI, Samsung wants to add something software related that helps it stand out from the competition. A new rumor from SamMobile suggests one of these new announcements will be for a news application developed directly by Samsung. If true, the company’s upcoming news application will be called News Today.

Much like Google News and Apple News, this will be a way for Samsung to offer a similar service to those who want to stay within its ecosystem. It’s unclear if this will replace or supplement the pre-loaded Flipboard/UPDAY services that comes on most Samsung devices, though. Not much information has been made available about News Today other than the fact that it can display news articles and it supports both podcasts as well as Bixby Voice.

Support for Bixby Voice would allow users to tell the Galaxy Note 8 to play a certain podcast, but it’s easy to see that it could also be a way for them to deliver news content when the user asks something like “what’s in the news today.” This could even be used in the upcoming Bixby¬†speaker that has been previously reported on, as it would help them compete with the likes of Amazon and Google.

Source: SamMobile

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