Samsung is Waiting to See How the VR Market Develops

Samsung is Waiting to See How the VR Market Develops

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Samsung is satisfied with the progress they’ve made in the mobile VR space thanks to the Gear VR for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. However, they do realize that the display technology isn’t quite there yet and this is why they’ve been holding back on releasing a standalone VR headset. The company also says VR is at the peak of its hype phase, and they want to wait and see if the market matures.

In case you don’t remember, Samsung confirmed they were working on a standalone VR headset back in April of this year. As with most products that big companies work on, not all of them will see the light of day. A lot of them are worked on to help progress the technology to a level where consumers will he happy with it. This is what we’re currently seeing at Samsung with a VR headset that doesn’t require a smartphone.

Samsung believes display technology needs to advance to at least twice the pixel density that we have in smartphones today. So it looks like the company is waiting and seeing how the experience of a standalone VR headset will be with Ultra HD display panels. Samsung’s President & Chief Strategy Officer, Young Sohn, says this could be an incentive for the company to advance the technology faster, but it would cost them at least $5 to $10 billion to do so and develop a 10K mobile display.

As as we mentioned earlier, they just don’t know if the VR market is worth that type of investment right now. They are willing to do so if the customers prove they are willing to buy into this technology, but they are worried the market will stagnate after the hype dies down. Sohn says it’s “a bit of a chicken and egg problem right now,” and would rather just wait and see how the market evolves before taking a big leap like that.

Source: TechCrunch