Samsung is killing its PC-to-phone game streaming service “PlayGalaxy Link”

Samsung is killing its PC-to-phone game streaming service “PlayGalaxy Link”

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With the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 series last year, Samsung announced a new feature called PlayGalaxy Link. The feature, which was essentially a rebrand of a service called Parsec, allowed you to stream games from your PC to your phone. At the time, the service was only available for the Galaxy Note 10 series, but Samsung gradually rolled out support for more devices, including the Galaxy S10 series, the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S9 series, Galaxy Note 9, and the Galaxy A90. While the feature was really great for gamers, it seems like Samsung didn’t get the response it was looking for and has now planned to do away with it altogether.

PlayGalaxy Link End of Service announcement

As per a recent report from Engadget, Samsung plans to shut down the PlayGalaxy Link service on March 27th. The report cites a notice on the PlayGalaxy website which states that, “After many difficult decisions, PlayGalaxy Link will be ended on 27 March 2020 due to internal policy changes.” Interestingly, Samsung posted the notice towards the end of February and released minor changes in the server and client for the end of service earlier this month. The company also ended the image download function in auto game search and has confirmed that it has no plans to bring the service back anytime soon. Furthermore, the notice recommends users to try out Parsec instead. In case you’re interested in trying out Parsec, I’d recommend taking a look at our tutorial (linked below) to get started.

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