Samsung launches iTest to help iPhone users get a taste of Android

Samsung launches iTest to help iPhone users get a taste of Android

and see what they're missing out

Long-time iOS users who haven’t had the opportunity to try an Android phone in a while can now get a taste of Samsung’s Android skin right on their iPhones. The South Korean smartphone giant has launched a new interactive web experience, called iTest, that will let iPhone users easily “sample the other side.”

To try the experience on your iPhone, you can navigate to the iTest website on Safari and follow the instructions to add a web app on your home screen. Tapping on this web app launches a new interactive interface that resembles a modern Galaxy smartphone’s home screen. The simulated home screen gives you access to several apps and settings options that offer a surprisingly convincing One UI experience.


According to MacRumors, Samsung is currently advertising the iTest web experience in New Zealand, but iPhone users around the world can give it a go right away. I tried it out on an iPhone 12 mini, and here’s what the experience looks like:

As you can see in the attached screenshots, the home screen is an accurate replica of a Samsung Galaxy phone running the latest version of One UI. It shows a weather widget, the Google Search bar, and a handful of apps, including Phone, Messages, Camera, Settings, Galaxy Store, Gallery, Galaxy Wearable, Galaxy Themes, and more.

You can try all these apps to a certain extent and get a feel for Samsung’s One UI Android skin. The iTest experience also simulates phone calls and text messages to highlight some of the less obvious features. On top of that, it has an extensive camera tutorial by Logan Dodds, a New Zealand-based plumber and photographer, that explains most of the notable camera options you’d find on a Galaxy phone. But that’s not all.


The Samsung Themes app lets you change the look of the interface by applying a system-wide theme; the Samsung Kids app gives you a brief overview of the kid-friendly mode and shows how you can lock the mode with a passcode to keep “your phone safe from your kids and your kids safe from your phone.”

Furthermore, the Samsung Health app gives an overview of all the fitness tracking metrics, the Galaxy Wearables app lets you browse through all of Samsung’s accessories, and the Smart Switch app shows you how easy it is to switch to a new Samsung phone. Lastly, tapping on the Google Search bar on the home page loads up search results for the Galaxy S21, to help interested users easily make the move from iOS to Android.

If you like what you see, you can check out the iTest web experience by opening this link on your iPhone. If you’re an Android user already, you’ll see a different message when you open the website on your phone urging you to share the experience with “your iPhone friends.”

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