DIY Photography Samsung Malaysia used a DSLR photo to advertise the Galaxy A8

Samsung Malaysia used a DSLR photo to advertise the Galaxy A8

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better. Super precise lenses and other hardware configuration, along with optimized software, can produce some stunning results. Yet, companies sometimes use other devices to promote their camera prowess. Samsung and Huawei were caught doing this earlier this year. Now, imagine discovering your photo on the website of one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world as part of an advertisement. That’s what happened to photographer Dunja Djudjic.

The photographer posted on DIY Photography that she’s been using the EyeEm platform for a while. She’s been uploading photos taken with her own DSLR camera. One day, she received an email telling her that one of the photos had been sold. She performed a Google reverse image search and found out that Samsung Malaysia had promoted the Galaxy A8 with the image. You can see the photos Samsung used below and on this page (while it’s still up).

The strange thing is Samsung took the time to completely change the photo. You see, the company’s main goal was to outline the portrait mode capabilities of the device. It also looks like that they wanted to show how bright (oversaturated) colors the Galaxy A8 can produce. They replaced the background of the photo so they could show it blurred and un-blurred. All they really used was the girl in the photo. Here is the original photo:

It’s still unclear why some company employees feel the need to do this when they’ve been caught several times now. The photographer states that she tried to contact Samsung Global but didn’t receive any response. Nor Getty neither EyeEm could confirm if it was Samsung who purchased the image.

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