Samsung Messages bug is causing devices to send photos without user consent

Samsung Messages bug is causing devices to send photos without user consent

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Most of us keep very personal things on our smartphones these days. This is a device that is usually always within arm’s reach for most of the day and something that many go to great lengths to keep secure. Android itself is built in a way that prevents the sharing of data from one application to another unless explicitly allowed. However, owners of Samsung devices including the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and the Galaxy Note 8 have noticed the Samsung Messages application sending photos (sometimes all photos in the gallery) to the person they’re talking to and you may not even know it happened unless the other person tells you.

This Samsung Messages application bug is surprising on multiple levels. So it seems like the bug introduced into the application’s most recent update as many have noticed it after they installed the new version. That in and of itself is just strange to see happening within a messaging application. Then the bug goes even further by not showing the sender that the contents of their Gallery have been sent. It shows up plain as day for the receiver of the photos but nothing shows up on the other end.

So unless the recipient of the photos comes out and tells you what happened, you likely won’t even know that it happened. However, those who keep a close eye on their cellular logs will find the action listed there. Samsung has yet to issue a statement to the public but there is a way for us to prevent this from happening while they work on fixing the bug. You can go into the permissions area within the settings application and then customize the permissions that the Samsung Messages application is granted. Simply toggle off the storage permission here and the Samsung Messages application won’t be able to mysteriously send your photos to someone else.

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