Samsung Launches Mobile Security Rewards Program, Releases September Update Details

Samsung Launches Mobile Security Rewards Program, Releases September Update Details

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Samsung’s software gets a lot of criticism within the Android community for a couple of reasons. One reason is because their hardware is so popular and since they sell so many devices, they are bound to get more people critiquing their work. The other is because there is an actual reason to criticize performance issues year after year when compared to the competition. Some may actually hate Samsung while others truly like their devices and only want them to make a better product.

If there’s one thing that the company is focused on though, it’s security updates. Granted, they might not be as consistent as some people would like, but they pushed out the July security update to the Galaxy Note 4 (a 4 year-old phone) a couple of months ago. So it makes sense that the company has just announced a mobile security rewards program in an attempt to keep their devices as secure as possible. This has the potential to not only improve the perception of their software (from a security standpoint), but it could also prevent future exploits that allow people to gain root access on secured devices.

Samsung’s mobile security rewards program is effective immediately, and those who are interested are instructed to visit their Mobile Security page for more details. Naturally, there are limitations here as the program only covers devices currently receiving security updates (which is said to be 38 right now) and they will also reward those who find potential vulnerabilities in the latest Samsung Mobile Services. This includes Bixby, Samsung Account, Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass and others.

Google recently released the details for Android’s September security update, but companies introduce vulnerabilities into their own devices with their OEM ROM. So Samsung has also released their security update details for this month and along with Google’s patches, it includes patches for 12 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE).

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