Samsung takes down videos that mocked Apple for removing the headphone jack

Samsung takes down videos that mocked Apple for removing the headphone jack

Companies like to banter and take potshots at each other all the time, often bringing up what they do better than their competitors. All companies have done it in the past, but today we would like to draw special attention to some of Samsung’s jibes directed towards Apple and its iPhones. Devices from Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineups have been some of the best smartphones for their years, and Samsung had used the opportunity to point out the features on its newly launched devices and how the iPhone lacked them. However, some of those remarks have not aged well, as Samsung is now doing the very same thing for which it had mocked the competition in the past.


Notably, Samsung had put out a few ads criticizing the iPhone’s removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from its iPhones. Samsung prided itself on retaining the port, and rightfully so in our opinion. But with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung finally caved from the peer pressure and removed the headphone port from its latest flagship device, seemingly forgetting all the advantages that its past phones had over the iPhone. To ensure those advantages remain forgotten, Samsung has pulled down the ads that criticized the removal of the headphone jack from its YouTube channel, lest you as a consumer mistakenly chance upon them and reach the conclusion that Samsung is removing important features from its newer phones. But of course, this is the Internet, where history is difficult to delete, so we can still see those ads mirrored across other channels. For now.

Samsung had also taunted Apple for using a notch on the iPhone, priding itself on the notchless Infinity display on its recent devices. But ads that mentioned this have also been removed, maybe because the Galaxy Note 10 series comes with its own forehead pimple. Or maybe they were removed because of the mentions of microSD expandability, a feature that has been removed from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (but is present on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+).

To Samsung’s fair credit, the South Korean company had resisted the temptation of dropping the headphone jack for a long time, and we really thank them for giving us true options in case consumers wanted to vote with their wallets. Google had mocked Apple for removing the port, and then they themselves went along the same route with the Pixel 2 in 2017. The same story stands true for so many others — companies mocked Apple for its “courage”, but then blindly copied the anti-consumer move after all.

Despite all the utility that the headphone jack continues to provide, there is no denying that it is absolutely on its way out.

Story Via: Android Authority

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