Woot’s Daily Deal is a high-end monitor discount you don’t want to miss, and other great deals on tech

Woot’s Daily Deal is a high-end monitor discount you don’t want to miss, and other great deals on tech

Woot! has some great sales sometimes. Sure, not every listing is a winner, but when they have something worth picking up, you know you’re getting something good. One of Woot!’s Daily Deals is pretty good today with a powerful Samsung monitor! I mean it’s no Samsung Galaxy S21, but as it turns out, there’s also a sale on Samsung’s newest flagships too.

The long-winded Samsung SD850 32″ WQHD (2560×1440) 16:9 Aspect Ratio LED-LitMonitor is one of Woot’s Daily Deals, and for just $216, you can pick up this refurbished Samsung monitor. This is not a 4K monitor, but unless you have a great gaming desktop that can run 4K properly, you don’t exactly need an expensive 4K monitor. Instead, you can pick up the SD580, which does an awesome job with WQHD. This Samsung monitor has sRGB color compliance, so content creators can ensure their colors are accurate while working!


In addition, the SD850 is built for multi-screen and Picture-in-Picture functionality in mind, so that makes it great for multi-tasking, too. Basically, this is a monitor that is really, really good on the non-4K side of things. Throw in free shipping with Amazon Prime and a 90-day warranty to cover any issues, and this is a great buy! You have to hurry, though, as it’s only available today!

    Why drop hundreds for 4K monitors if your computer doesn't support it? grab the SD850 instead, and you'll get quality HD picture with sRGB compliance.

Of course, Woot! isn’t only about Daily Deals. There are some decent week-long deals you’ll want to look at, too! They may not be Samsung monitors, but they’re pretty darn good.

Take the Apple Magic Keyboard, for example! It’s an Apple product, so they’re pretty expensive. But if you’re okay with a refurbished model, you can nab one for just $50. Or instead, you can go with the JBL Live 650BTNC headphones, which have some great reviews on Amazon. It’s JBL, too, so you know you’ll get quality. They’re just $120, $10 chapter than what you can get for them at Best Buy.

What have you picked up from Woot! that you love? Let us know in the comments!

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