Samsung Motion Photos are starting to be shown in the Google Photos app

Samsung Motion Photos are starting to be shown in the Google Photos app

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Samsung Motion Photo is a feature available on Samsung flagships that captures a few seconds of action leading up to the pressing of the shutter button. The result is a short video-like photo which adds some context and fun to an otherwise standard image. Motion Photo is available on several Samsung flagships, and similar features are also available across other product ecosystems. But despite its availability as a feature, these photos did not “play” within the Google Photos app. Now, users are reporting that the Google Photos Android app, as well as the website, shows the motion within these photos.

Previously, Google Photos showed a button to depict the existence of motion data within the photo, but the app displayed no motion. Reddit user affenhaendler spotted that motion photos clicked recently have begun showing the motion within the photo. Here is a video of the feature in action:

Clicking on the motion button will reportedly “pause” the motion photo, so you need to click it again for the motion to begin playing in a loop. The text has been present since quite some time, but the feature is now finally working for users. Google Photos also needs a few minutes to process the photo, so you won’t see results immediately. To test it out, users also suggest taking a photo of a moving object, rather than just wiggling the camera, as Photos apparently stabilizes the wiggles so you won’t notice anything.

Have you tried out this feature? Does it work for you on your Samsung flagship? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reddit