Samsung’s next flagship Exynos will have an AMD GPU

Samsung’s next flagship Exynos will have an AMD GPU

Samsung on Tuesday reiterated that its partnership with AMD will indeed produce a next-generation Exynos chip with an AMD GPU. Speaking during the Exynos 2100 event, Dr. Inyup Kang, VP and GM of the System LSI division at Samsung, confirmed the ambitious plans for the future.

Samsung and AMD originally announced a partnership back in August of 2019, promising to bring AMD Radeon graphics technology to a future Exynos SoC. When the news was originally announced, there was speculation we’d see the partnership come to fruition around 2022, and Dr. Kang’s comments appear to corroborate those reports.


Samsung is reportedly designing its own GPUs, but development has apparently been too slow for Samsung’s liking, hence the partnership with AMD. At the time of the original report, it was speculated that AMD licensed its IP to Samsung while the two would collaborate on the design of the mobile GPU. Samsung has yet to reveal final details about the future Exynos processor with an AMD GPU.

When the partnership came about, Samsung lauded AMD as a leader in the industry, especially “in the GPU area.”

“We think that with this partnership, we will be able to leverage the GPU competitiveness of AMD to enhance the performance of not only our mobile SoCs, but also in other applications,” a Samsung spokesperson said.

If Samsung keeps to its timetable, we could get details for the Exynos chip with an AMD GPU later this year. That could then be followed by a flagship release, which could potentially be the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

The partnership between the two companies should be mutually beneficial. AMD will gain a new source of revenue in the mobile market, while Samsung will have access to the technology that will take its mobile chips to the next level. While the partnership hasn’t yet produced anything of note, it could be a very different story come this time next year.

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