Samsung embraces the notch with new Infinity Displays

Samsung embraces the notch with new Infinity Displays

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To those who despise the display “notch” trend, Samsung has been a beacon of hope. Despite nearly every other Android manufacturer embracing the controversial display cutout, Samsung has remained notch-free. That appears to be changing as the company showed off several new Infinity Displays with notches.

Samsung had a lot to show off at their developer conference today. The long-rumored foldable phone was finally shown off, and the Android Pie update with “One UI” was made official. While setting up the foldable display reveal, the company showed a few upcoming displays on the big screen. As you can see, Samsung is not immune from the notch.

The displays are all named after the notch/cutout shape. Infinity U, Infinity V, and Infinity O. There is also the notch-less “New Infinity” and the foldable display is called Infinity Flex. The first two have pretty standard notches, though we’ve never seen one with that “V” shape. The Infinity O is more of a cutout than a notch, something we have seen LG patent.

We don’t know when Samsung will release devices with these displays, but it shows that even Samsung can’t hide from the trend. As it stands, notches are the best way to make a phone with slim bezels on all sides. If you don’t like that, just wait a little while longer.