Samsung Galaxy S22 receives second One UI 5 beta in Korea, UK and Indian models get the first beta

Samsung Galaxy S22 receives second One UI 5 beta in Korea, UK and Indian models get the first beta

At the beginning of this month, Samsung kicked off the One UI 5 beta program, allowing Galaxy S22 owners in South Korea, Germany, and the USA to try out the new Android 13 software ahead of the stable release. Now, the Korean OEM has expanded the beta initiative in India and the UK. Furthermore, the second beta build of One UI 5 has also started rolling out in South Korea.

As per several posts on our forums and the Samsung Community website, the UK and Indian owners of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra can now register for the One UI 5.0 public beta through the Samsung Members app and subsequently get the update prompt. The initial beta build for the Indian region carries the version number S90xEXXU2ZVHK, which is newer than the beta software released earlier (ZVH4).


Galaxy S22 One UI 5 beta 2 South Korea

The Korean models, on the other hand, are receiving the second beta update in the form of S90xNKSU2ZVHK. The similarity between the build numbers isn’t mere a coincidence, though. Matter of fact, it suggests that the inaugural beta releases for the UK and Indian variants are in sync with the other regions despite a delayed start. The builds are cumulative in nature, hence the fixes present in the Korean Beta 2 build already exist in the UK and Indian Beta 1 software.

The standard disclaimer for all betas apply here too, namely that beta software tends to contain bugs. If you are looking for a stable OS for your Galaxy S22 that serves all your needs flawlessly, you should stay away from beta programs. Samsung’s public beta builds are relatively polished, but there is still a possibility that something crucial is broken.

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In case you have an eligible device, but you haven’t rolled into the One UI 5.0 beta program yet, you’ll have to do so in the Samsung Members app. While you’re inside the app, you should see an option for enrolling in the beta program after tapping the “Notices” button. On the following screen, tap on the enroll button and then wait a few minutes for the app to process your enrollment. After that, head over to the Software update page on your device and tap on check for updates to download the public beta release.

Notably, you need to be on software version S90xBXXU2AVG6 (UK) / S90xEXXU2AVG6 (India) to get the beta prompt. Since the Galaxy S22’s Indian version is part of the global Snapdragon variant, you should be able to sideload the beta on a non-Indian Snapdragon SM-S90xE models as well. To know more, take a look at our Samsung One UI 5 update tracker.

Source: Samsung Community Forums (India, South Korea), XDA Forums

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