Samsung to open up Bixby API to compete with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Samsung to open up Bixby API to compete with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

The virtual reality market continues to heat up. Leading companies are innovating left and right when it comes to the various types of hardware devices that use the technology. This innovation is happening under the hood as well, and this is something that really shines through when the technology from Samsung, Amazon, and Google connect and interact with 3rd-party hardware and services. It has recently been reported that Samsung is finally going to open up an API for Bixby in an attempt to compete with the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Due to Amazon’s head start in the market, many have felt that no one will be able to compete with them, but Google was quick to respond with the launch of Google Assistant. Naturally, due to Amazon’s head start, they were able to partner up with a ton of 3rd-party companies to get their products and services integrated with Alexa and its roster of products. Google has done well for itself, though, and recently outsold Amazon for a yearly quarter for the first time since the first Alexa product was made available to the public.

Samsung wants in on this market and that’s where Bixby comes into play. The company is pushing it so hard that they include a dedicated Bixby button on smartphones in hopes that their customers will press it and learn about the service. Earlier this year the company began to partner up with some 3rd-party applications so they could be integrated into Bixby 2.0 for the launch of the Galaxy Note 9. This was a rather closed system though, which was likely used as a beta test for what was announced earlier today.

To help Bixby compete with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Samsung will finally let developers create applications for its Bixby virtual assistant. The goal here is for the South Korean conglomerate to launch an SDK and an API for Bixby at the Samsung Developer Conference in November. When launched, this will allow 3rd-party developers to create various applications and games with Samsung Bixby, just like we’ve seen with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Source: CNBC

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