Samsung Partners with PayPal to Add Support in Samsung Pay

Samsung Partners with PayPal to Add Support in Samsung Pay

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PayPal has been busy over the last few months as they work to expand support for its online payment service to other popular alternatives. We recently saw some of these results when Google announced they were partnering with PayPal to let Android Pay users choice PayPal as a payment option. The next month, PayPal announced they were adding Venmo as a payment option within their own service, and today it looks like they’re making their way to Samsung Pay as well.

An announcement has been made on the Samsung Mobile Press website that shows the companies are working together to add PayPal as a payment option within the Samsung Pay application. As far as we can tell, this change hasn’t gone into effect just yet, and will likely come in a future update to the Samsung Pay application. This will allow PayPal users to use Samsung Pay to pay for purchases in applications, online and in stores anywhere Samsung Pay is accepted.

This will be huge for PayPal since Samsung Pay is so widely accepted all over the world due to its NFC and proprietary MST technology. The company has confirmed support for PayPal within Samsung Pay will be made available in the United States first. Samsung did go on to say that PayPal support within Samsung Pay will be coming to other countries “soon,” but did not give a list of where they have plans, or when this expansion could start.

This new partnership will also directly benefit Samsung as support for Samsung Pay will be coming to merchants who use PayPal’s Braintree Direct service. These online merchants will simply need to add a few lines of code to integrate Samsung Pay into their platform.

Are you looking forward to adding your PayPal account to Samsung Pay so you can use it as a payment option?

Source: Samsung Mobile Press